Ep 480: Are Job Boards Evolving?


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Job Boards still play a central role in talent attraction, but outside of the job board industry, there isn't much discussion or debate about their current state and future potential. So are they still fit for purpose, how are they evolving, and what can job board statistics tell us about the current talent market?

My guest this week is Dave Jenkins, founder of Wave. Wave publishes Wave TrackR, a regular independent report that uses job board data to track recruiting trends, which means Dave has a wealth of insights to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The current state of the job board market

  • Pricing models and programmatic adoption

  • Geographic market differences

  • The importance of the active audience

  • Are there still more jobs than candidates?

  • How to get the best out of job boards

  • Mindset change

  • What's the future of job boards?

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