HR Happy Hour 390 – Enhancing Your Workplace Through Business Agility


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HR Happy Hour 390 – Enhancing Your Workplace Through Business Agility Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane Guest: Emily He, SVP of HCM Cloud Sponsored by Oracle. Create tomorrow, today with Oracle HCM Cloud- Work made human. Oracle provides organizations a complete HCM cloud solution that drives digital transformation and improves business agility while meeting both current and future business requirements. Organizational excellence includes creating a unified cloud solution that connects Finance and HR to improve business performance. This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Trish and Steve were joined by Emily He, SVP of HCM Cloud at Oracle. We gathered at Oracle Open World 19, in San Francisco, to talk about how Oracle HCM is transforming the way business works in the Cloud. Key highlights include a discussion around employee experience, manager experience and HR experience. We also talked about how the Oracle Digital Assistant is connecting employees in new and exciting ways, making business agility a way of life. We also covered innovations Oracle is implementing to make AI and machine learning work for you. This was a fun and informative show, thanks Emily for joining us. Remember to subscribe to the HR Happy Hour wherever you get your podcasts.

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