We're Only Human 23 - New Research: Addressing the Skills Gap in the Workplace


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We're Only Human 23 - New Research: Addressing the Skills Gap in the Workplace Host: Ben Eubanks Guest: Shelly Osborne, Head of Learning & Development, Udemy The skills gap is a challenge for many organizations, but how do we address it? Read any news article and it seems as if the United States has a looming crisis on its hands around critical skills areas that we simply don't have enough qualified workers to fill, and new research shows this is actually a global phenomenon affecting firms worldwide. For instance, 98% of workers in Brazil agree there is a skills gap, and two-thirds of them felt like it affects them personally. Ben Eubanks speaks with Shelley Osborne, Head of Learning & Development at Udemy, about this research and how we can use it to attack the skills gap within our own company through learning and development opportunities. While the research shows that individuals are generally confident about the level of skills they possess, they also know that the pace of change and business today requires them to be constantly learning. It's no longer good enough to get a degree or vocational training and be "good enough" to compete for jobs, promotions, and other roles. See the research at https://research.udemy.com/research_report/2017-skills-gap-report/ This episode is sponsored by WorkHuman.com. Join me and hundreds of highly engaged HR leaders in Austin this April for WorkHuman, an event dedicated to helping HR make the workplace a better place. Subscribe to all the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network shows wherever you get your podcasts - search for 'HR Happy Hour'

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