Episode 40 | How to Influence and Inspire Others - Mindful Leadership with Josh Ehrlich


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Today’s workplace is nothing less than demanding, fast-paced, almost frenetic, and constantly changing. This leaves leaders and their teams struggling with the daily frustrations of content overload, high levels of stress associated with changing priorities, and anxiety resulting from trying to fit ten pounds of work into a five pound bag. In this episode, Josh explains what is meant by “mindfulness”, why it’s important and how to apply the concepts to form and strengthen relationships and leadership skills.

Dr. Joshua Ehrlich is a leading authority on succeeding in demanding environments. He is at the heart of helping leaders and employees manage these dynamics. He has done research at Yale and NYU and has authored a book titled MindShifting: Focus for Performance.

For all show notes checkout www.hrstudiopodcast.com/josh-ehrlich

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