Episode 42 | The Magic: How to Marry Personal Fulfillment with Organizational Success with Dr. William Schiemann


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Dr. William A. Schiemann is back to discuss his latest research on life fulfillment (personal and career) and its relationship to organizational success. He shares important findings and key steps you can take personally to achieve fulfillment. Bill also offers advice to HR leaders on how to leverage people’s passions to create high engagement. Bill was one of our first guests (see Episode 2: Future HR Leaders – How Are You Adding Value?) during which he offered powerful advice to HR leaders on how to add value. Bill is the founder of Metrus Group which delivers research and consulting to maximize organizational performance through people. He has been a thought leader in building high-performance organizations and human capital measurement. He has authored several books. His most recent, Fulfilled! Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life, addresses the next wave after engagement – building cultures that bring fulfillment to people and performance to firms.

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