Episode 46 | Narrative Coaching As A Pathway To Growth And Sustainable Change with Dr. David Drake


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In this episode, Dr David Drake explains what narrative coaching is, how he got started using this approach and why it works. He shares examples and HR takeaways on his research, experiences and work.

Narrative coaching is an approach to adult development connecting mindsets, behaviors and environments that drive sustainable change. Dr. David Drake pioneered the approach and has trained 10,000 people across 14 countries. He has spent the last 30 years studying human dynamics and is focused on the areas of change and transitions. David has had many roles in this space including Executive Coach and Team and Organizational Development Consultant. He has authored over 40 publications, and his work has centered around enabling leaders and organizations to embrace change and engage in successful transitions. He has brought an incredible amount of intellect and energy to the field.

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