Episode 49 | Creativity and Innovation – Finding those Amazing, Breakthrough Ideas w/ Dr. Amy Climer


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CEO’s are perplexed by the lack of innovation and creativity in their organizations. According to the 2017 PwC CEO Survey, the issue of innovation is the number one priority on the minds of many CEO’s across the world today. In fact, 77% of CEO’s struggle to find the creativity and innovation skills that they believe they need in order to grow and transform their businesses. In this episode, Dr. Amy Climer identifies the potential pitfalls and roadblocks to innovation and offers ideas and steps that leaders can take to build a culture of creativity in their teams and organizations. Dr. Amy Climer is a teacher in the area of creativity and innovation as well as a trainer and coach supporting the development of teams. She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University and is certified in Creative Problem Solving, Immunity to Change, and in the Foresight Thinking System. For all show notes, visit www.hrstudiopodcast.com/amy-climer

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