Episode 55 | Why & How to Improve Civility in the Workplace with Dr. Steve Ambrose


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Dr. Steve Ambrose discusses why he and his wife founded the “Walk the Ridge” movement and explains its goals and values. He defines incivility, how it manifests itself, and its impact on workplace productivity and engagement. He’ll explain how emotional intelligence intersects with civility, how to frame and improve civility as a soft skill -and the role that HR leaders can play in such. We encourage you and your organization to get involved today.

A chiropractor by training, Steve ran his successful practice in Virginia for a number of years – seeing as many as 65 patients per day himself. He also developed two software patents in the area of claims cost containment. In 2014, he sold his practice and stepped into a leadership role in strategy for a national online consumer company. In 2017, he decided to get back into healthcare by creating a unique podcast for senior executive leaders called Red Hot Healthcare. It has become one of the fasting growing industry listens.

Because incivility presents as a continually growing challenge in business and many other facets of our society, Walk the Ridge got our attention.

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