Episode 58 | Can Changing Your Body Language Take You From Good to Great? w/ Mark Bowden


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Our guest this week is Mark Bowden who is an expert in non-verbal communication. Mark gives his perspectives on how the role of HR has evolved. He offers HR leaders insights to techniques for using body language to purposefully stand out, win trust and gain credibility. He explains how the primitive brain interprets body language and what movements and gestures will positively frame your message. Learn about the SCAN technique for suspending judgments you make about others and understand the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical movements and how they impact your message. Mark Bowden has been voted the #1 body language professional in the world for two years running. He is the founder of the communication company, Truth Plane. His clients include professionals, politicians, presidents of Fortune 500 companies, and even some Prime Ministers of G7 nations. Mark is one of the world’s foremost authorities on non-verbal communication. He has a highly acclaimed TEDx talk that has reached millions and has written a number of books on body language and human behavior. His most recent book is called Truth & Lies: What People are Really Thinking. For all show notes, visit www.hrstudiopodcast.com/mark-bowden.

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