Episode 80 | What Leaders Can Learn From NASA’s Successes And Failures with Dick Richardson


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In this episode, Dick Richardson returns to HR Studio Podcast to discuss leadership lessons from the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, the subject of his new book. What HR leaders can learn from NASA about implementing a vision, including acquiring the necessary leadership skills, and overcoming human biases that can interfere with success. Dick explains ‘perceptual fraction’ and how it can be used in leadership development or change initiatives. A key takeaway is the importance of routinely assessing successes and failures to achieve more balanced learning.

Dick Richardson is an Executive Leadership Development consultant. He is also the owner and founding partner of Experience to Lead, an organization that offers unique experiences to improve the leadership of individuals, teams, and organizations. Dick has worked with the Conference Board for over 10 years designing and delivering experiential programs for executives. Previously, Dick was an independent consultant and was the Executive Director of Leadership Development at ITT. He also held a variety of leadership positions in Learning at IBM, including global roles based in Hong Kong. Dick has recently written a book, Apollo Leadership Lessons, which is a result of his work in the Apollo Experience Leadership Program that he developed in partnership with NASA, the Smithsonian Institute, the Space Center at Houston, and the Kennedy Space Center to pull together an amazing array of resources for leadership development.

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