HMM 9 - 11 - 19


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Today is our second anniversary of starting the magazine, so congratulations to everyone at WOOC. We start off with a report from a panel last week on the Green New Deal. 18 years ago more than 3,000 people were killed by 4 hijacked airplanes. We will take a few minutes to reflect on what has happened since 9/11 and what are some of the remaining questions and challenges from the attack. Afterwards we will have our weekly food diary about sourdough baking. And we finish up with an interview about Justice for Edson Thevenin and their protest at Troy’s recent Mayoral debate, followed by Willie Terry’s coverage of the Albany Labor Day Prade. But first, tonight is the 2nd anniversary of the Hudson Mohawk Magazine show, which airs live 5 nights a week from 6 to 7 PM, and then is repeataed the following day at 7 and 9 AM. We are joined now by Steve Piece, a co-founder of the Sanctuary of the Independent Media and WOOC. Steve, how do you feel about the 2nd anniversary.

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