The Nook restaurant review, when it's OK to use your fingers (and other matters of table-manners), and the pure pleasure of going to the the pub.


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This week, Hugh Smithson-Wright reviews the adorable, and adorably-named, north London delicatessen and wine-bar The Nook; advises a listener on when it's OK to use his fingers and other issues of etiquette in Ask Hughgle, and basks in the pure pleasure of once again being able to go to the pub, in Treat Of The Week.
Restaurant review:
The Nook
Ask Hughgle:
Manners: A Modern Field Guide by Kay Plunkett-Hogge & Debora Robertson
Treat Of the Week:
Guinea Grill
The Lighthouse, Battersea
Duke of Wellington, Soho
The Drapers Arms

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