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Richard Hames

  • Richard is an entrepreneur, strategic futurist, mentor and author. He is the Founder and Executive Director at the Centre for the Future.
  • He is also Founding Partner at Hames McGregor + Partners, Chairman of the Asian Foresight Institute, an elected Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science and was a Co-Founder of MiVote and Horizon State.

Show Notes

Richard recommends the following books during our conversation:

  • Nora Bateson - Small Arcs of Larger Circles
  • De Sousa Santos - Epistemologies of the South
  • Arturo Escobar - Designs for the Pluriverse

Check out Ep 66 Adam Jacoby (MiVote) and Ep 50 Jamie Skella (Horizon State) episodes too!

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