10. Hunger Hunt Feast As A Lifestyle


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Hunger Hunt Feast is a lifestyle, not a short term diet, to help you manage your weight, improve your fitness, and live a longer, healthier life.

We have taken a look at each core element of Hungry Hunt Feast. But how does it fit into your life and schedule?

In today's episode, Zane will share more insight on how to burn fat every day and become medically flexible by living the Hunger Hunt Feast lifestyle.

Hunger: Implementing an intermittent fasting schedule that works for you at a pace you can manage. Improve metabolic flexibility

Hunt: Workout just 4-6 hours a week. Prioritize for strength training, interval training, steady-state cardio and light recreational movement

Feast: Not just what we eat but how often we eat Prioritize for protein and vegetables Add starches with a strategy based on your goals

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Creating a lifestyle of fat burning
  • Becoming medically flexible
  • Making Hungry hunt feast a lifestyle
  • Fasting will not crash your metabolism
  • Understanding energy toxicity
  • The best schedule for intermittent fasting
  • Why Zane does Dinner to Dinner fasting
  • The people who have a negative experience fasting
  • What leads to lifestyle deceases
  • The benefits of strength training
  • The best schedule to avoid overtraining
  • Why everyone should go on walks
  • The four-hour formula
  • How to get the most out of lunch and dinner
  • How much animal protein to eat
  • Avoid starchy vegetables
  • Dessert alternatives
  • If you’re not hungry, don’t eat
  • Best practices for post-workout meals

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