11. What You Don't Know About Cholesterol with Dr. Aaron Wenzel


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Understanding this subject can significantly impact your longevity and overall health.

In today's episode, Zane welcomes back Dr. Aaron Wenzel. They have a deep dive conversation on the topic of Cholesterol. You'll hear hard facts and sciences to help you understand the truth behind this important topic.

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Welcome back Dr. Aaron Wenzel
  • The under-education heart disease
  • How cholesterol regattas to heart disease
  • Where does cholesterol; come from?
  • Understanding LDL and HDL
  • How to know your risk for heart disease
  • What changes your partial numbers
  • The biggest take-home point from today
  • Understanding what causes heart attack and stroke
  • The importance of normalized blood sugar
  • Modifiable and nonmodifiable risk factors
  • You can’t out run your mouth
  • Aligning with the right medical provider

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