13. How A Lack of Sleep Impacts Your Metabolism and Long Term Health


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When trying to live a healthier lifestyle most people only focus on diet and exercise.

While these things are important for overall health, we can't overlook the importance of sleep.

In this episode, Zane Griggs shares how sleep affects your hormones, metabolism, brain, and more.

Questions? You can email your questions to zane@zanegriggs.com. Connect with me at zanegriggs.com or on Instagram @zanegriggsfitness

Quick Episode Summary:

  • How much sleep do you need?
  • How your brain organizes memories
  • How lack of sleep affects the body
  • Why you crave more feed when you’re tired
  • What you can do to improve sleep
  • How alcohol affects your sleep
  • The effects of blue lights
  • The ideal temperature for sleeping

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