16. Ken Berry, M.D. discussing "Lies My Doctor Told Me


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In today's episode, Zane interviews the author of "Lies My Doctor Told Me," Dr. Ken Berry.

After med school, Dr. Berry found himself with a low quality of life standing at nearly 300 lbs and confused because he was following the diet of advice of his esteemed professors. He knew something wasn't right.

Through self-education and research, he found a lot of what he knew to be right about diet and exercise didn't line up with the facts.

"The bedrock to health is diet." - Dr. Ken Berry


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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Welcome Dr. Berry
  • A look into Dr. Berry's book
  • Dr. Berry's experience in med school
  • When Dr. Berry found out that most doctors are wrong How a low carb diet changed Dr. Berry's life
  • What Dr. Berry's diet looks like today
  • What hunger should tell you
  • How our ancestor ate
  • How diet affects your cells
  • Where did we go wrong with the food pyramid
  • Why Zane loves Dr. Berry's YouTube channel
  • How to connect with Dr. Berry

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