18. From Vegan To Carnivore, One Yogi's Journey to Health with Sarah Kleiner, Carnivore Yogi


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Sarah has lost 100lbs 3x. Twice as a teenager, and the last time after her daughter was born, diagnosed with Autism.

In an attempt to relieve stress, Sarah turned to yoga. This led her to try a vegan diet, hoped it would help her keep weight off.

She kept off the weight, but within a year she found herself with cavities, joint pain/problems, digestion issues, and tired all the time. Her Yoga teacher approached her about adjusting her diet because of her health.

That's when she started an all meat lifestyle.


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Quick Episode Summary:

  • The transition from plant-based to meat-based diets
  • Ate meat and felt better right away
  • Health issues of the vegan diet
  • Inflammation/injury/digestive issues linked to vegan diets
  • The advantages of a carnivore diet
  • The sympathetic state and managing this stress
  • Diet is only one of many variables affecting your health/weight
  • Reversing diabetes on the carnivore diet
  • Outro/ links to resources

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