19. Gastroenterologist Dr. Pran Yoganathan Discussing A Meat Based Diet


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Welcome, Dr. Pran Yoganathan from the great country of Australia to Hunger, Hunt, Feast!

Dr. Pran is a Gastroenterologist with a focus on prevention and holistic health rather than reactive healthcare at the Centre for Gastrointestinal Health in Sydney, Australia

Dr. Pran is also an advocate for an all-meat live style, as his diet consists of 99% animal-based food, AKA the "Carnivore Diet."

In today's podcast, Zane and Dr. Pran cover a variety of topics including the carnivore diet, understanding your fat-thresholds high vs. low-quality protein, plus much more.


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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Meet Dr. Pran
  • How Dr. Pran came to be a carnivore
  • Self-experimentation
  • Understanding your fat-thresholds
  • High vs. low-quality protein
  • Protein intake depending on goals
  • Protein intake depending on age
  • The problem with fructose
  • The “F” word (Fiber)
  • Brain function
  • Gallbladder function

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