22. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Megan Ramos


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After Megan's struggle with metabolic disease, she knew there had to be a better option.

She found a Fasting Method program that changer her, and many other people's lives. This program was found in the book "Life In The Fasting Lane" co-written with Dr. Jason Fung and a patient of the Fasting Method, Eve Mayer.

The book is helping patients in Canada and the US reverse type 2 diabetes.

Learn more during this insightful conversation with Zane Griggs and Megan Ramos.


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  • The fasting method
  • Utilizing fasting to reduce insulin levels
  • What are the therapeutic levels of fasting?
  • Fatty liver disease and boy composition
  • Skinny fat to fat-fat
  • Fasting bringing back control of your health
  • Reversing diabetes with fasting
  • Most of us are overnourished and body fat is fuel reserve
  • Let the liver do its job
  • Fasting overall brings favorable outcomes for the body and a better metabolic rate
  • Low calorie and low carb produce very different results
  • Maintenance mode
  • Reversing diabetes is not impossible

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