23. The Real Factors of Heart Disease with Dr. Stephen Hussey


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On today's podcast, learn the real factors of Heart Disease with Stephen Hussey DC, MS Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a young age, he was motivated to research how to stay healthy in an effort to change into only his life, but those around him.


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Causes of Heart Disease Oxidative Stress: Toxins, Elevated Blood Sugar, AGE's, Endo-Toxins

Emotional Stress: Autonomic Nervous System, HPA Axis, High-Stress Hormones

Lack of Metabolic Flexibility: Increased Use of Glucose in the Heart, Rather Than Ketone/Fat Metabolism, Causing an Increase in Lactic Acid, Swelling, Edema


  • Meet Stephen
  • When Stephen was diagnosed
  • The three categories of heart diseases
  • free radicals
  • What triggers fat storage
  • Understanding the HPX
  • How stress affects your heart
  • What we can learn from wildlife
  • How your unhealthy thought life affects your carb intake
  • Playing out the worst-case scenario
  • How Stephen relaxes

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