28. The Neuroscience of Success with Chance Scoggins


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In today's episode, join Zane as he interviews his good friend Chance Scoggins.

Chance is a certified Life and Business Coach specializing in the neuroscience of success. Blending brain science, business strategy, and spiritual principles he helps his clients understand and leverage their specific wiring and guide them to rewire the subconscious belief patterns that are holding them back, both personally and professionally.


  1. What is your internal script that allow you to succeed in an area where many others have not been able to?
  2. We have to re-code our brains to see ourselves being successful in a given area.
  3. How we self identify determines our circumstances and outcomes.
  4. We do what we are. Do you self identify as unsuccessful, undisciplined, overweight? Or do you self identify as successful, disciplined, healthy?
  5. Our outcomes are reflections of our habitual thoughts and subconscious identity.


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  • Meet Chance
  • Chance's ideal client
  • Why “dieting” doesn’t work
  • Shifting your brain into identity
  • Taking inventory of your problems
  • Change is a good thing
  • We do what we are and we don’t do what we're not
  • Getting in company that is better than you
  • Getting reinforcements helps transition from action to identity
  • The How and the Why
  • Rewriting the scripts in your life
  • You are your own cycling
  • The operating system of your mind
  • How the to start rewriting the script
  • How to get a better life
  • More about Life Relaunch

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