29. How Fructose Is Driving Metabolic Disease With Dr. Pran Yoganathan


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On today's podcast, Zane interviews Dr. Pran Yoganathan on the dangers of Fructose.

Dr. Pran Yoganathan is a gastroenterologist and gastrointestinal endoscopist, whose consultation services are provided in Castle Hill. Dr. Yoganathan is a visiting medical officer (VMO) at the following hospitals:

  • Lakeview Private Hospital
  • Blacktown Public Hospital
  • Mt Druitt Public Hospital

This episode will give you the key insights you need to live a healthier, longer life.


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  • Meet Dr. Pran
  • The impact of fructose, sweeteners, and syrups
  • The calorie in, calorie out model
  • How fructose id absorbed
  • Why have we been blaming fat?
  • How fatty liver plays into metabolic decides
  • How sugar is ingrained in our culture
  • The portion depravity in the states
  • How dopamine addiction works
  • The current recommended diet, the food pyramid, and the health industry
  • Regenerative farming
  • Basic dietary recommendations

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