30. From Fit And Sick To Healthy And Whole With Jennifer Ludington


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Jennifer Ludington is a high-performance mindset and health coach, founder of SHE Ascends Club, and a best selling author.

Jennifer was a national level fitness competitor, gym owner, and fitness coach with a picture-perfect lean, athletic physique... but on the inside she was extremely unhealthy both mentally and physically, dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, low thyroid, and a loss of fertility. When confronted with an innocent yet brutally honest question from her daughter she knew this couldn't continue. That's when her true health journey began that wasn't connected to how she looked on stage or maintaining low body fat. It involved counseling to address her mental and emotional state. Her diet went from the typical bodybuilder plan of 6-7 meals a day of fish and greens to vegan, then to paleo and now she feels her best with a carnivore diet. She now coaches women on true wellness that includes mindset and self-esteem with sustainable fitness goals.

Jennifer believes that your values are the vehicle to your vision and that living your life in alignment is your key to success in life. Check out Jennifer's "Values to Vision" 21 Day Challenge starting Nov 2, 2020 at the link below.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Meet Jen Luddington
  • The unhealthy side of fitness
  • The breaking point
  • Healthy Mindsets and self-worth
  • Shifting the societal norm
  • The “fit” diet
  • The journey to a healthy diet
  • The vegan diet
  • Feeling human again with a healthier diet
  • Carnivorous diet vs vegan diet
  • Can the liver be tasty? Yes. Yes, it can.
  • Replacing bad fats and sugars with animal fat
  • The transition from vegan to carnivore
  • Discipline, Structure, discernment
  • Some insight into working with clients
  • Contact information

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