35. Reversing Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes With Diet and Lifestyle with Dr. Kristin Baier


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Welcome, Double Board Certified M.D. in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine Dr. Kristin Baier to Hunger Hunt Feast!

After suffering with migraines and Lupus she tried Vegan, Paleo with no success.

Finally, she turned to Keto and her medical issues started to disappear.

Now she is treating obesity with a low carb diet and intermittent fasting, reversing Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic diseases for her patience with this method.


  1. The difference between Low Carb San Diego and traditional healthcare
  2. The benefit of animal fats over plan fats
  3. The standard American diet as the root cause of disease
  4. And more!


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  • Introducing Kristin Bauer
  • A little History about Dr.Bauer
  • The transition from being a family primary physician to weight loss education.
  • Kristin talks about the impact of veganism vs keto diet on her health.
  • Some of the costs of uninformed nutrition.
  • Obesity medicine vs. lifestyle
  • Kristin’s thoughts on obesity and diabetes
  • Ethnicity and obesity
  • Personal fat threshold
  • Thoughts on insulin and glucose levels
  • Polyunsaturated fats
  • The effects of carbohydrate restriction on people with pre-existing metabolic conditions
  • The potential link between metabolic diseases and man-made fats
  • How Dr. Bauer treats clients
  • Get rid of processed food
  • Meal timing/ intermittent fasting
  • Caloric restriction is still important
  • Processed food, the inflammatory bomb.
  • Elimination diets
  • Reversing type 2 diabetes and metabolic diseases
  • Thyroid and ketogenic diets
  • What are normal/optimal hormone levels

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