36. Sacred Cow - The Case For Meat In Human Nutrition & The Eco-System With Diana Rogers RD


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In today's episode, Zane interviews, Diana Rogers, R.D., NTP, LNP.

She is the Co-Author of "Sacred Cow" with best selling author Robb Wolf and the Producer of the documentary based on the book.

When Diana was younger, she struggled with digestive issues later to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 26. On a quest to live a healthier life., she went back to school to study nutrition and discovered "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf. That's where Diana's story truly begins.


1. Meat is the most nutrient-dense food for humans Meat does not increase the risk of disease Nutrients in meat are more bioavailable than in plants or in supplements

2. Vegetarians do NOT live longer when other lifestyle variables are considered

3. Protein requirements per person: 1g of protein per pound of body weight or per pound of ideal body weight

4. Children fed meat perform better than children on a meatless diet in behavior, cognitive ability and physical development in only a controlled study on the effect of meat in the diet of children.

5. Little difference in nutrition between grass-finished beef and grain-finished beef

6. Farming with animals, especially grazing ruminants, is better for the environment.

7. Regenerative farming puts carbon back into the soil. A fake meat burger like "Impossible Burger" and "Beyond Burger" put as much carbon emission into the atmosphere as one regenerative farmed burger puts carbon into the soil

8. Regenerative Farming is scalable and sustainable as well as environmentally beneficial

9. Push for meatless diets and lab-created meat is pushed by Silicon Valley Tech Companies and Processed Food Corporations for financial benefit


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  • Welcome Diana
  • Diana’s health story Diana’s history in environmental issues
  • The image-driven culture of plant based diet
  • Meat is healthy, period
  • How much protein should you have a day
  • The best way to get nutrients
  • Grass vs. Grain finished
  • The land cycle of animal grazing
  • How coin and soy affect the birds
  • Is old fashion farming coming back?
  • Why we need to scale the ranching industry
  • It doesn’t add up
  • Why you should watch the film and read the book

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