39. Fasting To Reverse Insulin Resistance


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In this episode, Zane does a deep dive into fasting and how it reduces insulin resistance and improves metabolic health.

UNC study shows that 88% of US adults are metabolically unhealthy based on 5 risk factors for heart disease. All 5 risk factors are affected by insulin resistance

Increased visceral fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL

Visceral fat builds up as subcutaneous fat cells reach their maximum storage capacity and become diseased. Visceral fat is deposited in organs like the liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys causing disease

The roles and relationship of insulin and glucagon. Insulin is an energy and protein storage hormone Glucagon is an energy and protein breakdown and releases hormone

Fat in the pancreas along with insulin resistance can impair communication between these two pancreatic hormones leading to simultaneous storage and release of energy.

Fasting will reverse this process by allowing the subcutaneous fat cells to reduce to healthy levels and stop sending fat to the viscera for storage And by allowing the organs to burn off stored fat so they can regain normal function.

Start by only eating 3 meals a day of a low carb, high protein diet Then add intermittent fasting 16-18 hours in a day. Begin with 3 days a week and work up to 6 or 7 days a week. For more progress, add a dinner to dinner fast 1 or 2 days a week along with the intermittent fasting on other days.

Fasting has been effective at reversing Type 2 Diabetes by health practitioners. If you are being treated for Type 2 Diabetes, get supervision from your health practitioner to help you regulate blood sugar medications before beginning to fast.

If you want to improve metabolic health, insulin sensitivity and hormone signaling don't wait until January. Start fasting NOW!

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