40. How Flawed Nutritional Guidelines Stay In The Mainstream With J. Gulinello, N.T.P.


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In this episode, Zane talks to J. Gulinello NTP. J. is currently completing an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition at U. of Bridgeport.

He works with hospital staff in a New York Hospital to help them with their nutrition and long-term health.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals receive very little nutrition education and what they learn is flawed.

Formal nutrition education flawed and greatly influenced by corporate sponsorships and USDA contracts with PepsiCo, General Mills, ConAgra

Censorship of health and nutrition information that contradicts the current message from health authorities on social media

Poorly structured studies that use correlation to blame meat for poor health outcomes and push a plant-based agenda. Food frequency questionnaires completed every 4 years Studies confound multiple lifestyle markers like smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, processed food consumption with eating meat.



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  • Meet J. Gulinello
  • Bridging the gap
  • Looking deeper into how much health professionals know about nutrition
  • How J introduces a culture of healthy nutrition to me, medical professionals
  • Health issues medical professionals typically suffer from
  • Blood glucose levels vs blood insulin levels
  • Your diet is the simplest intervention with the least side effects
  • Addressing the hurdles of employing a progressive nutritional approach to the traditional medical system
  • The censorship in progressive health via media/ social media
  • Plant vs. meat-based diets
  • Approaching things biochemically
  • A crash course on stearic acid
  • Final thoughts: J’s general guidelines for better metabolic health

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