44. Reversing Auto-Immune Disease, Low Thyroid and Type 2 Diabetes With Michael Rutherford N.T.P.


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Today Zane welcomes Michael Rutherford N.T.P. and Primal Health Coach to the show!

Had digestive issues, IBS, as a child.

Began reading alternative health books and discovered the Paleo diet

Noticed a relief of symptoms shortly after following a Paleo diet and eventually became a Primal Health Coach

Michael helps many people struggling with autoimmune diseases including thyroid problems and celiac as well as Type 2 Diabetes and IBS with diet and lifestyle changes.

Remove processed seed "vegetable" oils, gluten, sugar, and processed food in general. Eat whole foods to reduce gut permeability and inflammation.

Reach out to Michael for help. Look for the free download on his site.


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Clinical Evidence and Mechanisms of High-Protein Diet-Induced Weight Loss

A high-protein diet with resistance exercise training improves weight loss and body composition in overweight and obese patients with type 2 diabetes

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Nutrients in beef

Nutrients in beef liver:


If you would like a greater understanding of the lifestyle concepts I've mentioned please take a look at the Metabolic Makeover program. Metabolic Makeover: Click here

Questions? You can email your questions to zane@zanegriggs.com. Connect with me at zanegriggs.com or on Instagram @zanegriggsfitness


  • Welcome Michael
  • When Michael started having medical complications
  • How Michael discovered the Keto lifestyle
  • How Michael is eliminating digestive issues for clients
  • How your cut works
  • Understanding how your thyroid and gut are related
  • The importance of vitamin D
  • How mercury affects your thyroid
  • Indicators that you may have digestive issues
  • A quick hack to knowing which oils to buy
  • It only takes 30 days to change your health
  • How Michael reviews labs
  • Get out of your bodies way

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