Episode #45: Fussy Baby to Happy Baby, Where Our Microbiomes Start, and the Importance of Lifestyle Choices in Children with Dr. Caitlan O'Connor


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Happy Thanksgiving! Today's episode brings a great naturopathic doctor Dr. Caitlan O'Connor from All Families Natural Health Care in Denver Colorado to the show to talk about how we as parents can improve the lives the of our children. If you are local to Denver and and want to work with Dr. Caitlan contact her at allfamiliesnaturalhealth.com In this podcast: Dr. Caitlan shares her background and why she loves working with families. How the many choices of today's world can get confusing, but why the foundations of food, sleep , stress and movement should be the focus. How Naturopathic medicine has a tradition of treating the gut and how the modern microbiome is an ecosystem that is unique to each person, family, and lifestyle. She asks the questions about what and how were you born? and why this is important for how your microbiome looks throughout your life, and how to use that information. Why it's important to realize parenthood is a learning experience and should not be about guilt. Functional gut disorders like reflux, stomach aches, constipation etc and why they are so common. Why we need to support breastfeeding in our culture to improve the health of families. Baby led weaning and how you introduce solids to your infant. Why exposing children to more diversity of food starts in utero and builds a non-picky eater. Study discussed on feeding orphans whole foods - https://www.popsci.com/how-we-learn-to-eat Marion Nestle and why we eat as a family and everyone is eating the same meal. Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Laird a great book that emphasis eating as a family. Why spices are good for kids. She discusses the four F's of food introduction- Flavor, Fermented, Fresh, Fiber. Food science and how it turns children into processed food addicts. Why fermented food and food out of a garden is better than a probiotic supplement for babies. The microbiome research of Tim Spector author of The Diet Myth and his time with the Hadza Tribe in Tanzania- not Madagascar. Why involving children in gardening, food prep, shopping etc helps improve their health. Adding adequate fiber to your kids diet and watching out for excess rice that may be higher in Arsenic. Lunds Rice products are best for rice choice. 35-50 gms per day of fiber for adults and putting food into trackers like My Fitness Pal. Adding dehydrated greens powder or fiber to help get enough fiber. Sthealthy Dehydration and Canning Guide Lifestyle factors that are gut friendly: Playing outside and getting dirty- not using antibacterial soaps- deep sleep- the gut brain connection- stress- decrease antibiotics- don't take acid blockers. Under certain times of stress, probiotics in gut will change. Minimizing antibiotic use and not using it for first line therapy of colds and flus. Overuse can cause future problems of the microbiome. The increased use of proton pump inhibitors- acid blockers- in children and why it's not good for the long term. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=proton+pump+fracture+children+medications How parents are contributing to over prescription and how society and culture does not support children being ill. Fussy Baby School and Fussy Baby Program with Dr. Caitlan and Dr. Jillian Teta of Fix Your Digestion. To sign up for the class starting November 27th to bit.yl/fussybabyschool Full show notes are at huntharvesthealth.com/podcast/fussybaby

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