#83: Sheep People, Travel, Letting Go, and Living the Real Outdoor Life with BC "Hippie" Hunters Doran Carter and Tannis Blackman


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Today's guests we met at the Hunt Expo 2019 and they quickly became great friends. Doran Carter and Tannis Barkman are the real deal, two self proclaimed sheep people- these BC hunting guides who before the Gritty Movie night, nobody but those lucky enough to have been their clients knew of.
They are genuine human beings who define the hardcore backcountry hunter who has so much respect and reverence for the animals they take, it really touched our hearts. Not only are they living the dream, they are funny and fun to be with and their story telling is like no other. This long podcast is worth listening to... so many topics we touch on, but mostly it should inspire to you to as Tannis would say "Dream big".
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