151 - From Construction To Copywriter | Cole Schafer


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Cole walked out of his job with no real plan for what was next. According to him, this wasn't a smart move.

Unlike a lot of the stories you hear, things didn't immediately fall into place for Cole once he skipped out the front door.

He actually had one of the most humbling experiences of his life when he had to go get a construction job to pay the bills - but that wasn't the humbling part. The company he was working with actually got a job doing some work at the office that Cole had previously left. Here he was standing feet away from where he used to sit, but this time he was hot and sweaty doing construction work with ex-colleagues giving him strange looks.

From there Cole kicked his freelancer ambitions into high gear.

In this episode, we are going to learn how Cole became a full-time copywriter working on large retainer projects.


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