Kijafa Vick: My Husband Going To Prison Was a Humbling Experience | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall


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WATCH MORE → I AM WOMAN | Season 2: Episode 9 In episode 9 of I Am Woman, Michi Marshall, Aja Crowder, Kijafa Vick, Alexis Stoudemire and Ashley Wheeler get together to discuss navigating the upcoming holidays, finances, and relationships. The ladies discuss their tactics of navigating the upcoming holidays with extended family. Alexis shares the challenges of navigating the holidays after being recently divorced but explains that by putting family first has allowed her and her family to continue to enjoy holiday activities without missing a beat. Michi asks the ladies how they approach finances as the Christmas holidays approach within their household. Kijafa, shares that she hasn’t always been hands on with the household finances. It wasn’t until her husband Michael Vick served 21 months in prison that she was left no choice but to take over the finances for the family. She explains that it was during this period that she grew into a leader and embraced this role. Alexis shares that when she was married that she and her kids always leaned on her ex-husband for financial support. Now that they are separated, she is transparent with her kids when they may need to budget so that they can better adjust and be educated on financial literacy. Chef Tre joins the show and serves up sweet potato pie and gives his take on financial literacy. Chef explains that as a young child he was not taught financial literacy and had to learn from his day-to-day experience after starting his own business as a chef. Michi shares that there are levels to financial literacy and that she is still learning everyday. Aja backs Michi and shares how she and her husband approaches their finances and investments. I AM ATHLETE: Official Site: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: HOUSE OF ATHLETE: Official Site: Instagram: Facebook: Apparel Instagram: HoA Supplements on Amazon: #IAMATHLETE #BrandonMarshall #MichiMarshall #KijafaVick #AshleyWheeler #AjaCrowder #AlexisStoudemire

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