128: Cacao for Opening Your Heart with Christine Olivia


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Goddess of the Week: Christine Olivia



Christine Olivia is an author, cacao ceremonialist, and muse. She recently published her first book entitled "A Child of Magic," a fiction based on her own magical journey of remembering and a reminder for us to tap into our inner child. She enjoys creating, expressing and helping others through storytelling and cacao ceremonies.

Christine's Guatemalan ancestors have connected her to the gentle plant medicine cacao. In ceremonial settings she serves the sacred "Gift of the Gods" and guides her clients back to their heart with love.

What we chat about:

  • Using Cacao to open your heart
  • Healing your heart from trauma
  • The medicine of cacao
  • Making your life a ceremony
  • Losing a parent and healing from grief
  • A Child of Magic

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