115: Building an Intuitive Heart Centered Butter Business + Making Medicine over Millions with Goddess Ghee Founder Marion Hearth


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{Goddess of The Week} Marion Hearth

https://www.goddessghee.com/ @goddess.ghee

Marion Hearth is the Butter Priestess of Goddess Ghee, a rooted and radical mama of two wild cubs, a healer, and a feeler. She's passionate about radiant health, food as medicine, resilience, living from the heart, and primal mothering.

Ghee carries the essence of the Divine Feminine; it is the essential oil rendered from the creamy nectar of mama cows, the sacred juice of Motherhood, the maternal gift of nourishment. Goddess Ghee is made as a prayer for your body, mind, and soul.

What we chat about:

  • Leading a business from the heart
  • Business as a ritual
  • Breaking the boundaries on what business should look like
  • The blessings of Ghee
  • How Goddess Ghee was born
  • The value in staying small vs. going corporate
  • Building a team that supports your vision
  • Creating a product based business without capital or investors
  • Maintaining the integrity of a product

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