Go with the Flaws


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I recently heard an unusual question being asked in a commencement address at an institution of higher learning. 'Who told you that everything about you has to be good to be acceptable?'. This gave me pause as I've never quite heard anyone present this line of thought quite this way. Often times on my journey, I have come across people who are working very hard to fix something, to change or improve an aspect of themselves that they feel needs fixing and this also includes yours truly.

The above mentioned speaker went on to say that not everything about oneself has to have been good, that it's important to own every single part of your story and use it as grist for the mill, use it to connect with other people. I resonated with this idea as I've always thought that indeed there is a method to the madness, that things happen as they happen for a reason. This talk got me thinking about the wounds that we can carry within ourselves, and our efforts to try and get healing. In this I and Am offering, we scratch a little bit below the surface, to look more closely at our wounds.

Peace and Blessings

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