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Transcendence, one of my most favourite words. I like the idea of rising above, for often times I've found myself in a particular circumstance where there was no alternative either than to rise above the situation. In a culture where avoidance is common, we can find ourselves dreading the prospects of having to 'work through our stuff' as well as going through things to get to beyond them. On my journey, I've found inspiration from those who've walked the path before me and I continue to do so even now. This perhaps is the reason I love quotes as much as I do, they serve as reminders of what is possible, as messages from beyond about how to proceed in the moment. I've come to find my inspirational quotes to be invaluable and in this instalment of I and Am- note to self, I share a few of my most treasured gems. Thankfully.

Peace and Blessings.

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