[IDGAX019] I Don't Give An X radio show by Aleksandre Banera


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I Don't Give An X radio show by Aleksandre Banera IDGAX 0815 #019 [IDGAX019] Welcome to the June 19th I Don't Give An X radio show. As usually you can hear the best tracks from the Techno scene into this hour long mix. Inspired by the Ibiza sound, you can hear into this IDGAX radio show something a bit different as usually. I'm also excited to announce that I will be visiting also other parts of Spain where I will have a chance to get into different Techno shapes. Hope you will find this show interesting! And don't forget, if you want to enjoy the whole experience, you need to listen to the show as loudest as your ears can handle! Enjoy the show! If you wish your Techno track to be involved in the next IDGAX radio show, submit it via Soundcloud or send it to my promo email (promo@aleksandrebanera.com). New bangers are always welcome! And don't forget, be yourself, love what you do! The rest will come. If you wish to follow the show online, check radio shows on my website www.aleksandrebanera.com/#radio-show Check out which radio station "doesn't give an X" today: - Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 1st Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET)?www.overdanceradio.it - VFR Europe: every 1st Friday @ 8 PM (CET) www.ratcotel.net ?- Cue-Radio.com: every 2nd Saturday @ 10 PM (CET) www.cue-radio.com ?- Overdance Radio: every 3rd Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET)? www.overdanceradio.it - Gravy FM: every 3rd Wednesday @ 10 PM (CET)? www.gravyfm.com - Amplitude Radio: every 3rd Friday @ 8 PM (CET) www.radio-amplitude.fr ?- Radio Ettlingen: every 3nd Saturday @ 10:15 PM (CET)? www.radioettlingen.de - Inferno Radio: every 3rd Saturday@ 11 PM (CET) www.radio.infernoireland.com ?- Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 4st Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET) www.overdanceradio.it ?- Inferno Radio: REPEAT every 4th Tuesday @ 11 PM (CET) www.radio.infernoireland.com ?- Kittikun Minimal Techno: every 4th Friday @ 7 PM (CET)? www.kittikun.jp - Gravy FM: every 4th Saturday @ 7 PM (CET) www.gravyfm.com - Overdance Radio: REPEAT of the 5th Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET) www.overdanceradio.it ?- Electrosound.tv: every month @ random www.electrosound.tv ?- Enation FM: every month @ random www.enation.fm - VFR Europe: every month @ random www.ratcotel.net Track ID: 01. Harvey McKay - Servant Of Two Masters (Original Mix) [Intec] 02. Marco Bailey - Leda (Original Mix) [Intec] 03. Alan Fitzpatrick - Love Siren (Original Mix) [Drumcode] 04. Bart Skils - Lost Boys (Original Mix) [Drumcode] 05. Slam, Gary Beck - Pressure Lights (Original Mix) [Soma Records] 06. Tomy DeClerque - Rusted Flute (Original Mix) [Intec] 07. Julian Jeweil - Bird (Original Mix) [Minus] 08. Tomy DeClerque - Upcoming (Original Mix) [Intec] 09. Julian Jeweil - And We (Original Mix) [Minus] 10. Aleksandre Banera - Revenge (Original Mix) [PROMO] www.aleksandrebanera.com

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