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I Don't Give An X radio show by Aleksandre Banera IDGAX 0915 #020 [IDGAX020] Welcome to the September 20th I Don't Give An X radio show. This month totally inspired by the city vibe of Barcelona, I recorded probably one of the best IDGAX podcasts. Choosing Techno tracks from the best artists and modifying my live DJ setup I had a chance to create completely new atmospheres during the mix and blend all the tracks in a unique way like never before. Opening the radio show with the bomb "Presence" from Dosem, released on Toolroom made this IDGAX already groovy. Continuing with a remix from Joseph Capriati, "Bang" from D-Unity and than my favourite track called "Get Up" originally by The Advent and Jason Fernandes edited and remixed by Industrialyzer. I also included a fresh banger "Equivalent" from my buddy George Adi, released on his own label Shift Digital Audio where we can expect some great releases shortly. Check the podcast and find out more. I would love to hear which is your favourite banger! Just don't forget to enjoy the IDGAX as as loudest as your ears can handle! :) Enjoy the show! If you wish your Techno track to be involved in the next IDGAX radio show, submit it via Soundcloud or send it to my promo email (promo[@]aleksandrebanera.com). New sounds are always welcome! And don't forget, be yourself, love what you do! The rest will come. If you wish to follow the show online, check radio shows on my website www.aleksandrebanera.com/#radio-show Check out which radio station "doesn't give an X" today: - Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 1st Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET)?www.overdanceradio.it - VFR Europe: every 1st Friday @ 8 PM (CET) www.ratcotel.net ?- Cue-Radio.com: every 2nd Saturday @ 10 PM (CET) www.cue-radio.com ?- Overdance Radio: every 3rd Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET)? www.overdanceradio.it - Gravy FM: every 3rd Wednesday @ 10 PM (CET)? www.gravyfm.com - Amplitude Radio: every 3rd Friday @ 8 PM (CET) www.radio-amplitude.fr ?- Radio Ettlingen: every 3nd Saturday @ 10:15 PM (CET)? www.radioettlingen.de - Inferno Radio: every 3rd Saturday@ 11 PM (CET) www.radio.infernoireland.com ?- Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 4st Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET) www.overdanceradio.it ?- Inferno Radio: REPEAT every 4th Tuesday @ 11 PM (CET) www.radio.infernoireland.com ?- Kittikun Minimal Techno: every 4th Friday @ 7 PM (CET)? www.kittikun.jp - Gravy FM: every 4th Saturday @ 7 PM (CET) www.gravyfm.com - Overdance Radio: REPEAT of the 5th Tuesday @ 8:10 PM (CET) www.overdanceradio.it ?- Electrosound.tv: every month @ random www.electrosound.tv ?- Enation FM: every month @ random www.enation.fm - VFR Europe: every month @ random www.ratcotel.net Track ID: 01. Dosem - Presence (Original Mix) [Toolroom] 02. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Joseph Capriati Remix) [Stereo Productions] 03. D-Unity - Bang (Original Mix) [Unity Records] 04. The Advent, Jason Fernandes - Get Up (Industrialyzer Remix) [H-Productions] 05. Julian Jeweil - Meteorite (Original Mix) [Form] 06. D-Unity - One More Chance (Original Mix) [Unity Records] 07. Axel Karakasis - Husk (Original Mix) [Remain Records] 08. George Adi - Equivalent (Original Mix) [Shift Digital Audio] 09. Tom Hades - Get Back (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics] 10. Fauntleroy - Everything (Len Faki Remix) [Cocoon Recordings] 11. Christian Cambas, Spektre - Drums Of Navarone (The Advent & Industrialyzer Remix) [Kombination Research] www.aleksandrebanera.com If you like this IDGAX radio show, there is the list of artists and labels on Soundcloud which you may also like: Artists: @Dosem @Danny-Tenaglia-official @Joseph-Capriati @D_Unity @Axel-Karakasis @George-Adi @TomHades @LenFaki @ChristianCambas @SpektreLive @CiscoAdvent @Industrialyzer @AleksandreBanera Labels: @Toolroomrecords @StereoProductions @Unity_Records @ShiftDigitAlaudio @MBelektronicsrecordings @CocoonRecordings @KombinationResearch @FourFloorRec

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