[IDGAX028] I Don't Give An X radio show by Aleksandre Banera


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I Don't Give An X radio show by Aleksandre Banera [IDGAX028] Welcome to the May 28th I Don’t Give An X radio show. The summer is coming and we are back again for this hour long therapy of finest Techno music. On this months IDGAX cover photo you can see Machu Picchu another mystery megalith located in Peru. Today with us Dense & Pika, Spiros Koloumenos, Joey Beltram, Carl Cox, Harvey McKay, Tomy DeClerque and also myself. Tracks released on best labels like Drumcode, Electric Ballroom, Focus, Respekt, Bush and Ready 2 Rock. I wish you a great week and enjoy the show! Ciao! ---- If you wish your Techno track to be involved in the next IDGAX radio show, submit it via Soundcloud or send it to my promo email (promo[@]aleksandrebanera.com). New bangers are always welcome! And don't forget, be yourself, love what you do! The rest will come. You can follow the show online, check radio shows on my website www.aleksandrebanera.com/#radio-show ---- Check out which radio station "doesn't give an X" today (time: CET): - HGM - 24/7 Webradio: 14th & 28th April @ 8:00 PM www.hgm.st [Exclusive] - Digitally Imported: 1st Tuesday @ 8:00 PM www.di.fm/shows/i-dont-give-an-x [Exclusive] - Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 1st Thursday @ 8:10 PM ?www.overdanceradio.it - VFR Europe: every 1st Friday @ 8 PM www.ratcotel.net ?- Cue-Radio.com: every 2nd Saturday @ 10 PM www.cue-radio.com - Art Style: Techno: every 2nd Sunday @ 7 PM artstyletechno.hu ?- Overdance Radio: every 3rd Tuesday @ 8:10 PM www.overdanceradio.it - Gravy FM: every 3rd Wednesday @ 10 PM www.gravyfm.com - HGM - 24/7 Webradio: every 3rd Thursday @ 8:00 PM www.hgm.st - Amplitude Radio: every 3rd Friday @ 8 PM www.radio-amplitude.fr ?- Radio Ettlingen: every 3rd Saturday @ 10:15 PM? www.radioettlingen.de - Inferno Radio: every 3rd Saturday@ 11 PM www.radio.infernoireland.com - Art Style: Techno: every 3rd Sunday @ 7 PM artstyletechno.hu ?- Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 4st Tuesday @ 8:10 PM www.overdanceradio.it ?- Inferno Radio: REPEAT every 4th Tuesday @ 11 PM www.radio.infernoireland.com ?- Kittikun Minimal Techno: every 4th Friday @ 7 PM www.kittikun.jp - Gravy FM: every 4th Saturday @ 7 PM www.gravyfm.com - Overdance Radio: REPEAT of the 5th Tuesday @ 8:10 PM www.overdanceradio.it ?- Electrosound.tv: every month @ random www.electrosound.tv ?- Enation FM: every month @ random www.enation.fm - VFR Europe: every month @ random www.ratcotel.net ---- TRACK ID: 01. Dense & Pika - Calf (Original Mix) [Drumcode] 02. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz - Apollo (Original Mix) [Electric Ballroom] 03. Aleksandre Banera - Hi Tech Soul (Original Mix) [PROMO] 04. Spiros Kaloumenos - Route 303 (Mike Humphries Remix) [Focus Records] 05. Mark Greene - Nineteen Ninety What? (Steve Mulder Remix) [Respekt Recordings] 06. Aleksandre Banera - Bla Bla Life (Original Mix) [Ready 2 Rock] 07. Joey Beltram - Slice 2010 (Carl Cox Rerub) [Bush Records] 08. Dense & Pika - Edging Forward (Original Mix) [Drumcode] 09. Leghau - Rain (Original Mix) [Skryptom Records] 10. Harvey McKay - The Crash (Original Mix) [Octopus Records] 11. Enrico Sangiuliano - X-Pollination (Original Mix) [Unrilis] 12. Tomy DeClerque - Classic (Original Mix) [Toolroom Trax]

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