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Hey! This is Aleksander Great, with special edition of I DON’T GIVE AN X radio show recorded live at Moog Club, Barcelona. I played a 3h long set, alongside with a great DJ Olmos, resident at the club. As always it was a great vibe, you can check the live streaming at facebook.com/aleksandergreat. For today we have great artists live Ben Sims, Slam, Drumcell, Emmanuel top and others. You can find more on my website aleksandergreat.com. Thank you for joining today and don’t forget to be great everyday!?Ciao! ---- Promo email promo[@]aleksandergreat.co). Inspiring tracks are welcome. Don't forget. Do what you love, love what you do! You can follow the show online, check radio shows on my website www.aleksandergreat.com/#radio-show ---- Check out which radio station "doesn't give an X" today (time: CET): - Fnoob Techno [NEW]: weekly @ 6:00 PM www.fnoobtechno.com/radio-hq - Digitally Imported: 1st Tuesday @ 8:00 PM www.di.fm/shows/i-dont-give-an-x [Exclusive] - HGM - 24/7 Webradio: every Thursday @ 7:00 PM www.hgm.st - Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 1st Thursday @ 8:10 PM ?www.overdanceradio.it - VFR Europe: every 1st Friday @ 8 PM www.ratcotel.net ?- Cue-Radio.com: every 2nd Saturday @ 10 PM www.cue-radio.com - Art Style: Techno: every 2nd Sunday @ 7 PM artstyletechno.hu ?- Overdance Radio: every 3rd Tuesday @ 8:10 PM www.overdanceradio.it - Gravy FM: every 3rd Wednesday @ 10 PM www.gravyfm.com - HGM - 24/7 Webradio: every 3rd Thursday @ 8:00 PM www.hgm.st - Amplitude Radio: every 3rd Friday @ 8 PM www.radio-amplitude.fr ?- Radio Ettlingen: every 3rd Saturday @ 10:15 PM? www.radioettlingen.de - Inferno Radio: every 3rd Saturday@ 11 PM www.radio.infernoireland.com - Art Style: Techno: every 3rd Sunday @ 7 PM artstyletechno.hu ?- Overdance Radio: REPEAT every 4st Tuesday @ 8:10 PM www.overdanceradio.it ?- Inferno Radio: REPEAT every 4th Tuesday @ 11 PM www.radio.infernoireland.com ?- Kittikun Minimal Techno: every 4th Friday @ 7 PM www.kittikun.jp - Gravy FM: every 4th Saturday @ 7 PM www.gravyfm.com - Overdance Radio: REPEAT of the 5th Tuesday @ 8:10 PM www.overdanceradio.it ?- Electrosound.tv: every month @ random www.electrosound.tv ?- Enation FM: every month @ random www.enation.fm - VFR Europe: every month @ random www.ratcotel.net ---- TRACK ID 01. Esteban Adame - Paper People (Robert Hood Remix) [Rogue Society] 02. Slam - Clap Your Hands (Original Mix) [SOMA] 03. Christian Smith - Initiate Sequence (Julian Jeweil Remix) [Tronic] 04. Stephen Brown - Fuego (Ben Sims Remix) [Theory] 05. Drumcell - Rooted Resentment (Luis Flores Remix) [CLR] 06. Ilario Alicante - Hypno (Mark Broom Remix) [Cocoon Recordings] 07. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (Original Remastered) [Attack Records] 08. Marco Bailey - Final Approach (Original Mix) [Intec] 09. Rod - Hor (Original Mix) [Klockworks]?10. Ramiro Lopez, Coyu - Clap Your Hands (Original Mix) [Drumcode]

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