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Hey, this is Aleksander Great in Berlin with the 59th episode of I Don’t Give An X radio show. This is a special edition - most of the tracks you’re about to hear are released on both of my record labels Fourfloor and dB130. I’m very glad to see so many talented artists being a part of our story. For today we have Greg Denbosa & Dimitri Cooman with an amazing track Seat coming out on dB130, Veztax with several tracks out on Fourfloor, my bootleg of Cafe del Mar, Yar.D with the track Midnight also out on dB130, several promos from myself and many others. For the full track ID make sure to check out my Soundcloud page. As always, turn the volume up, enjoy the show and make sure to stay great! Ciao ---- Promos: promo[@]aleksandergreat.com Check radios streaming IDGAX: www.aleksandergreat.com ---- Check out which radio station "doesn't give an X" today (time: CET): - Fnoob Techno: weekly @ 6:00 PM www.fnoobtechno.com/radio-hq - Digitally Imported: 1st Tuesday @ 8:00 PM www.di.fm/shows/i-dont-give-an-x [Exclusive] - 06 Am Ibiza Underground Radio: every Friday @ 9:00 PM http://www.06amibiza.com/shows/i-dont-give-an-x-radio-show/ - HGM - 24/7 Webradio: every Thursday @ 7:00 PM www.hgm.st - VFR Europe: every 1st Friday @ 8 PM www.ratcotel.net - Cue-Radio.com: every 2nd Saturday @ 10 PM www.cue-radio.com - Art Style: Techno: every 2nd Sunday @ 7 PM artstyletechno.hu - Gravy FM: every 3rd Wednesday @ 10 PM www.gravyfm.com - HGM - 24/7 Webradio: every 3rd Thursday @ 8:00 PM www.hgm.st - Amplitude Radio: every 3rd Friday @ 8 PM www.radio-amplitude.fr - Radio Ettlingen: every 3rd Saturday @ 10:15 PM www.radioettlingen.de - Inferno Radio: every 3rd Saturday@ 11 PM www.radio.infernoireland.com - Art Style: Techno: every 3rd Sunday @ 7 PM artstyletechno.hu - Inferno Radio: REPEAT every 4th Tuesday @ 11 PM www.radio.infernoireland.com - Kittikun Minimal Techno: every 4th Friday @ 7 PM www.kittikun.jp - Gravy FM: every 4th Saturday @ 7 PM www.gravyfm.com - Atmospheric Sounds [NEW]: every 4th Sunday @ 8 PM www.atmosphericsounds.com - Electrosound.tv: every month @ random www.electrosound.tv - Enation FM: every month @ random www.enation.fm - VFR Europe: every month @ random www.ratcotel.net ---- Track ID Greg Denbosa & Dimitri Cooman - Seat (Original Mix) [Promo - dB130] Veztax - Apologize (Original Mix) [FOURFLOOR] Alex D’Elia & Sharon JJ - Virgin (Veztax Remix) [Promo - FOURFLOOR] Alex D’Elia & Sharon JJ - Virgin (Aleksander Great Remix) [Promo - FOURFLOOR] Teo Harouda - Motion Delivery (Original Mix) [dB130] Dominik Vaillant - 101 Pt. One (Andrea Crom Raw Mix) [Promo - Fehler Musik] Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar (Aleksander Great Bootleg) [Promo] Veztax - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (Aleksander Great Remix) [FOURFLOOR] Veztax - Unknown Territory (Re-Edit) [FOURFLOOR] Aleksander Great - Ego Murders (Original Mix) [Promo] Veztax - CC Cola (Original Mix) [Promo] Gary Beck - Pneuma (Original Mix) [Promo] Yar.D - Midnight (Original Mix) [dB130] Marco Faraone - Aria (Original Mix) [Promo] Aleksander Great - Seductive Rave (Original Mix) [Promo] Anthony Castaldo - Rebirth Of A Feeling (Original Mix) [Analytic Trial] Julian Jeweil - Techno Corner (Original Mix) [Form] The YellowHeads - The Beginning (Cari Lekebusch Remix) [Reload Black Label LTD] Renato Cohen - Pontape 2013 Remake (Original Mix) [Drumcode] Dj Hyperactive - Venus (Truncate Remix) [CLR]

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