8. The Keys To Happiness


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Listen in as Joel, Kyra, Jamilla and Robert discus what the real meaning of happiness is. What makes you happy? What do you wish you did more? What are you content with in life. Is drugs and sex the answer? #IjustFinishedUni #IJFU -- #IJustFinishedUni is a podcast of 4 friends who met at uni and are experiencing the trials and tribulations life throws at them since finishing uni. Discussing the realities of work, relationships, money and goodness me - SO MUCH MORE!!! Joel Twitter: twitter.com/JoelRyanB Instagram: www.instagram.com/joelryanb/ Kyra Twitter: twitter.com/KyraWills_ Instagram: www.instagram.com/kyrawills/ Jamilla Twitter: ... Instagram: ... Robert Twitter: twitter.com/RobBruceK Instagram: www.instagram.com/robbrucek/

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