Titanosaurs and Diplodocids Living Together


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Dinosaur of the day Leinkupal, the last known and possibly smallest diplodocid.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • The oldest known titanosaur, Ninjatitan, was described from Patagonia
  • More details of the upcoming Utahraptor State Park have been announced
  • About 4,000 tons of the Jurassic Coast in the UK collapsed
  • The Megalosaurus "Meg" at Crystal Palace Park has a new 3D printed jaw and teeth
  • The new headquarters for Great Minds got a full scale Stan the T. rex replica
  • There is a new traveling exhibit in Japan which compares Pokémon to the fossils that inspired them
  • Dino Parc in Romania has a new sculpture, an 11 m tall Diplodocus
  • English Oak Park in Doraville, Georgia, has a new T. rex statue
  • Erie Dinosaur Park in Kansas has its final three dinosaur sculptures
  • In May, Artisan Forge Studios will have a "Scraposaur" metal dinosaur collection in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • A dinosaur diorama in Los Angeles has brought cheer to the neighborhood during the pandemic
  • Jurassic World: The Exhibition will be in Dallas, Texas starting on June 18

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