Heterodontosaurus had a unique breathing style


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Dinosaur of the day Abydosaurus, an Early Cretaceous brachiosaurid that is known from multiple complete skulls.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new Heterodontosaurus shows the first full set of gastralia ever found on an Ornithischian
  • Triassic fossils were found in a new creek bed site in Virginia
  • A new cretaceous ornithopod vertebra was found in Oregon
  • Roper Mountain Science Center in South Carolina has an exhibit called Be The Dinosaur this summer
  • A Triceratops replica is on display at the Waynesboro, Virginia Public Library
  • "Dinny" the 110 tonne Brontosaurus at the Calgary Zoo is getting repaired
  • The Science Museum of Minnesota is working on getting Minnesota an official state fossil

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