Spinosaurus update with Nizar Ibrahim


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Dinosaur of the day Iguanacolossus, The "mighty iguana colossus" which probably wasn't any bigger than Iguanodon.

Interview with Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist, anatomist, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Detroit Mercy, National Geographic explorer, and well known for his work on Spinosaurus

In dinosaur news this week:

  • Baby dinosaur teeth from 8 groups were found near the North Pole, showing these groups likely didn't migrate
  • The Boltysh impactor hit at least half a million years after Chicxulub so it didn't play a role in the mass extinction
  • New details about the youngest dinosaur footprints found in the UK
  • Tyrannosaurus: Meet the Family is on exhibit in Richmond at the Science Museum of Virginia
  • The L. Alan Cruikshank River of Time Museum in Arizona has a near life-sized drawing of Sonorasaurus on its wall
  • The Lyme Regis Fossil Festival is happening online on July 10 and 11
  • Listener Dino Bo was recently featured for his Protohadros hips which will be revealed on July 31 in Denton, Texas
  • Cardiff’s Bute Park in the UK will have animatronic dinosaurs from August 21 to September 5
  • A group of kids started a neighborhood “dino club” in Riverdale, Utah
  • A psychedelic Another dinosaur music video by TORRES called Hug From a Dinosaur was recently posted on YouTube

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