Clearing Oviraptor's name


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Dinosaur of the day Nqwebasaurus, an herbivorous coelurosaur from the Early Cretaceous in what is now South Africa.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new oviraptorid embryo shows that Oviraptor was not the "egg thief" it was once thought to be
  • A second specimen of Diamantinasaurus was described with a previously unknown braincase
  • More work on a Sphaerotholus buchholtzae find helps to show it is a valid species
  • Utahraptor State Park is officially approved after the governor signed the bill into law
  • In Montville, Connecticut, The Dinosaur Place in Nature’s Art Village recently reopened with COVID-19 safety measures
  • Dinorama: Miniatures Through the Mesozoic is at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History through April 25th
  • Connecticut's Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge includes Dinosaur State Park this year
  • In Washington state, a woman got stuck on top of a T. rex statue at Granger Dinosaur Park

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