How to Effectively Document Processes


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One of the most common questions that Ben gets is around documenting processes because they are often all over the place.

[0:35] The first thing to do is to distinguish between process documentation and process improvement. Whether or not you have your processes written down, you will have processes in place on how you do things.

[1:00] The reason you want to document your processes is to do more with less time and improve the quality of the services that you offer your clients. It also opens up the opportunity to offer additional services because of the increased efficiency.

[1:35] Even if it’s just you in your business, it’s still important to document your processes, but once you bring on other people, it becomes crucial.

[2:10] The first step to documentation is to list out all your processes in your business. For every deliverable in your business, there is a process. Once you’ve listed out the meta-processes, you can break them down further into tasks.

[3:05] The next step is to take one of those tasks and actually do it. Go through the physical steps of the task while using a screen capture software to record exactly what you’re doing.

[4:30] While working through the task and recording it, you should be narrating what you’re doing at the same time, preferably in a way that a sixteen year old could come into your business and do the task the same way that you are.

[5:20] Once you complete the recording, you get a video file that you can use to create your process. Take the audio and get it transcribed by a service like and then edit the transcription down to the key elements.

[6:30] Once you’ve done that, you have a video that shows you how to do the process as well as a Word document that allows you to read how to do it. Once you have those, you can turn the document into a checklist.

[7:05] The checklist has to pass the Cessna 172 test and fit entirely on one side of a folded piece of paper. The checklist should only address the big things involved in a task, the stuff that absolutely has to be done in a process. There should be no more than 5 items on any given checklist.

[8:10] Improving your processes is a different process altogether. Start with the simpler tasks on your list and then work your way up. Just by working your way through the documentation process, you will reap tremendous benefits in your business.

[9:10] List your processes and start documenting one. Don’t worry about the quality of the recording or how you sound. The point is to get started.

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