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In this week's episode Jo Youle meets Mays Al Ali, an ibiza based fermentation expert, to talk you through making Kombucha, Water Kefir, sauerkraut and Kimchi.
If you are someone that struggles with digestion and maybe feels depressed, flat or even anxious a lot it could just be your gut health is totally out of whack.
If lockdwon has had you boozing more, eating heavier grain based or processed foods, a simple table spoon sized helping of ferments on each plate can really help you fire up your gut bacteria and get back on the road to health.
Mays had the same problem in London as an Ad Exec and even spent a spell in hospital due to her symptoms and shares her story of sorting that out, with some simple lifestyle and diet changes and choices, that also led her to experiment with fermenting and now running workshops.
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For Ferment advice and that video workshop on making ferments, pop to https://www.healthymays.com/
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