Idiotville #104: We're So Excited, We're So Scared!


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And now for something completely different.
We've never shied away from the difficult issues here at Idiotville, touching on local and national politics, policies, and and elections. We've talked to many local business people, published numerous opinion pieces on many important subjects.
Show host Brent Liberty moderates a discussion of one of the most important episodes of television ever produced. It's our long-awaited review and discussion of "Jessie's Song" from NBC's coming of age masterpiece "Saved By the Bell".
There are so many topics, we can't list them all here, but rest assured, when Brent is joined by Dill Spears, Steve Castle, and Marty Balawkay, as well as a special episode appropriate Mystery Panelist, this one is a can't miss!
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